SOLO is the point acoustic source coaxial loudspeaker. A major feature is very stronger expressive force of the stage in voice and single instruments playing.

The size of SOLO is similar to BBS 5/9 , 12-inch diameter big bookshelf loudspeaker.

The cabinet is made of multi-layer solid wood, solide wood veneer surround and mult-plane triangle design in the interior to aim at reduce the parallel surface to suppress the standing wave in the box. In addition this structures makes the box stronger and reduce the resonance moderatel for the damping of speaker. This speaker combines the elements of the Classical Style , simple and elegant, moderate size, it is very suitable for home furnishings.

The unit uses the top-level loudspeaker diaphragm and voice coil components from UK. The tweeter is the real compression driver. The design is excellent and frequency response is smooth, with excellent damping characteristics and the ability of restoring the details.
Owner's Manual
Literature sheet



Frequency range
Nominal impedance
Recommend Power
Drive units
12" coxial speaker
MDF plate, normal wood piano surface
Speaker dimensions 570*370*300mm (H*W*D)
Stand dimensions 470*370*300mm (H*W*D)
Speaker net weight 22kg*2
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