Like most other audio enthusiasts, I'm always looking to improve my system! I've added a power conditioner, good quality cabling, most of which is GF. I was asked to do a review on a couple of products for Grant Fidelity, and was more than eager to play with some new gear! The first piece I've played with is the Consonance D-Linear 15 Ultra power conditioner. This power conditioner looks a little deceiving in pictures. It's actually quite a big piece of gear, and is quite heavy. The unit's meter on the face lets you where your power level is at. I was surprised to see the power fluctuation in my house as different appliances were put in use. The meter dropped a hair when our washing machine was powered on, even though I have a dedicated ac line for my audio gear. Although it never dropped below the allowable area of "juice" needed to keep this unit from shutting down in a safety mode, I was surprised it dropped at all. The unit caught me completely off guard from the first note it played of Jennifer Warnes "Bird on a Wire". All I could think of saying was Holy S#$%. What I heard was silky smooth music, and more of everything.! Any harshness on this album, what little it had, was gone. The black background is astounding.. You would think the system is turned off! All the instruments seem to have more detail and a more open sensation. Almost like the music was given a free reign on letting the music out. Opera gives 4 plugs for amplification, 2 for analog, 4 plugs for digital sources. The build quality is second to none on this unit. I own a few Opera products and am very impressed with the quality. This unit is certainly no exception. The chassis and casing are very solid as are the plug ins. A good firm hold of the power cords is the case here. I'm told it takes approximately 500 hrs for it to be fully burnt in. I've been listening to it for 16 hours now, and I am enjoying it more and more.

It's now Wednesday, The conditioner has been powered on for approx. 72 hrs. now and seems to have opened up a little more. At this point I've played all sorts of music, from rock, jazz, blues, and classical. I've played mostly vynil, but tried a few cd's, and some tracks off my mac mini going through my DAC-11. The range is extended further than without the unit, that's for sure. I especially notice it in the lower range. The bass is extended way beyond what I had before. What strikes me the most is the silky presentation of all the music I've played. It makes it very easy sit and enjoy the music for hours on end without getting fatigued. I never imagined that a conditioner could improve a system this much. Joe Jackson's Night and Day album has never sounded better. The detail is quite stunning and the accuracy of the instruments seem to be spot on. By this I mean, the piano sounds exactly as it should. The reason I pick on the piano, is because I have a piano tuning business next door to me at work so I hear what it should sound like every day.

In my humble opinion, this power conditioner is well worth the investment. It not only improves, it also protects as well.

——writtened by guystp
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