High Definition digital music interface

Key Functions:
1. Digital stream master network audio interface (24Bit/192KHz)
2. Digital stream Hard Disk recorder (24Bit/96KHz)
3. WI-FI/LAN Internet radio
4. Upgrade operating system from USB

The Linear7 High Definition digital music interface contains audio coding and decoding software that can process 24Bit/192KHz high bit rate digital master tape audio streams at very high speeds and supports the decoding output of all types of digital audio formats, such as (WAV/FLAC/AIFF). In the future, through firmware upgrading, the device will support even more audio formats.

It can also be used as a network music server center. It can support any network hard disc NAS and can share network resources through WI-FI/LAN. It can also be used as an Internet radio. With a built-in channel list, it can receive over ten thousand digital Internet radio stations from all over the world.

The linear7 adopts the specialized 32-bit high-performance embedded multi-media processor CPU, multimedia DSP chip solution and the reference clock system of the industrial-class digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) system, effectively reducing clock jitter in transmission of digital audio signals so as to achieve an ultra-low jitter index.

The Linear7 has an LCD display with a touch screen allowing the user simple operation. The screen can display the artist's name/internet radio station information and the sampling rate. It also includes an easy to use high quality fully functioning remote control. The D-linear7 support control by computer and Google Android smartphone or flat computer etc. D-linear7 will support control by ipad/iphone/ipod touch in the future.
Optional accessories
wireless USB Adapter
Analog Signal output level
2.5V RMS ( RCA)
Analog outputs
Gold plated RCA / phono unbalanced
Less than 0.002%
Signal-to-noise ratio
More than 120dB
Digital output signal level
0.5Vpp (RCA), 3Vpp(AES)
Digital output impedance
75ohm (RCA ), 110ohm (AES)
Digital outputs
Gold plated RCA and gold plated XLR balanced
Digital inputs
Dimensions / Weight
100mm x 225mm x 320mm (HxWxD) / 1.5 kg (net)
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