DVD-ROM and removable HDD intergrated adaptor
The X1 is a DVD-ROM and removable HDD intergrated adaptor. The power supply is linear transformer design.

The DVD-ROM USB-type B wire input to the Consonance music players USB 1.1 port acts as a CD player. Consonance music players have the optimized algorithm to read CD's. The laser head captures the CD data and places it into the cache. While doing this the Consonance music player operate the error correction function. The laser head will read the content several times to check and correct any errors. So the CD sounds better than a traditional CD player, even the top-level Philips CD-PRO2M.

The removable HDD adaptor supports 3.5 inch SATA hard drives. The HDD is very easy to install in the X1 - Simply open the front panel and insert the HDD. The X1 supports HDD's with the capacity of up to 4TB's.
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