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BARQUE M15-20 ANNIVERSAY Horn loudspeaker

Consonance's M15-20 Anniversary is the M15SE modified model ,the speaker box structure is the horn insetted, the bass unit is the front loaded horn, with a new super tweeter.

BARQUE Solo Coaxial loudspeaker

Consonance's Solo Coxial loudspeakers has a 12 inch customize coxial speaker.
BARQUE M15 SE Horn loudspeaker

Consonance's M-15 horn loudspeakers have been modified to M15 SE, has a 380mm paper cone woofer with cloth surround mounted within an aluminum diecast basket.

Cable Top


2.5 m speaker cable /pair


1m RCA interconnect cable /pair


1.8m to 3.3m power cable

Accessories Top
RCM-C Mute Vinyl Cleaner  
RCM-H Mute Vinyl Cleaner  
X7 Linear Power Supply  
Linear17 Battery regenerated powersupply
D-linear15 Power Conditioner


PW-1/PW-1E Audio Grade Mains Filter


PW-3/PW-3E Audio Grade Line Conditioner

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