Analog System
Linear PH3S Phono stage
Phono stage

The Linear PH3S phono stage adopts full discrete components, passive RIAA EQ circuit, two-way inputs and balanced and unbalanced outputs.American broadcast grade CINE MAG MC step-up transformer is responsible for micro-signal amplification, sound quality and signal-to-noise ratio are guaranteed, music more expressive. For different gain and impedance cartridges, you can choose a good match through the switch on the front panel. The UV meter can intuitively perceive the fluctuation of the music signal and select the appropriate gain matching.

Input impedance: 47K(MM), 5~100 ohms/Gain1 (MC) ,100~400 ohms/Gain2(MC)
Output Impedance: 300 ohms

Gain: 44dB/RCA (MM), 50dB/XLR(MM)
63.5dB/Gain1/RCA(MC), 69.5dB/Gain2/XLR(MC), 68dB/Gain2/RCA(MC), 74dB/Gain2/XLR

Distortion: 0.01%
Inputs: 2 groups ( RCA)
Outputs: 1 group (RCA) , 1 group(XLR) ,1 set Grounding
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB
Power consumption: 15W
Weight: 7.7 Kg
Dimensions: 11cm x 31cm x 43cm (HxWxD)
Owner's Manual for Linear PH3S
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